ian douglas - senior web architect

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- Weekend project: write up a Live Template for +PyCharm (should work on other +JetBrains editors)?
- Make Google Voice SMS play nice with Hangouts
- Microsoft's cash cow is in trouble.?
- This is an incredible coordinated effort to surprise people flying WestJet
- #bandwagon #jumpingon #autoawesome #ChristmasTree?
- Few things more awesome than having a very polite young teenager join my "Intro?
- There's no temperature here right now
- I've chatted with Jon several times while I was into Ingress
- Had to order another MS Keyboard 4000, this one has a blocked colon
dink(y) / bloggymommer

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- Wooden Baby
- Seat Cushion
- Other Marine Engine Components
- Snugride Car
- Convertible Child
- Graco Car
- Graco Safe
- Neck Roll
- Roundabout Car
- Child Seat

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